SEO Tips For You Tube Videos and Videos on Your Websites

First some facts about Videos; would you believe that every minute nearly 45-50 hours of videos are uploaded and approximately 3 billion videos are watched everyday? Hundreds and thousands of website owners are using or are associated with Video in some way. Little wonder that nearly half (conservative figure, could be more) the searches show videos in some form or the other. This is the actual impact of social media in today’s internet market. Google and other search engines are always trying to become more sophisticated to include videos that are relevant and equipped or optimized for search engines.

Now under a situation like this, not to use the vehicle or not to use it properly will be considered foolish. Therefore most webmasters or SEO consultants are constantly trying to come up with innovations to stand in this competitive search market and help themselves or their clients achieve some decent positioning in SERPs.

The tool that helps websites and blogs to be found here is called Video Search Engine Optimization. By learning to use it you can optimize your videos on You Tube as well as on your own website. These videos will also go a long way in helping your products, services, or websites by being found online. These days the trend is undergoing a change and people are also going to You Tube to find information about the products, software, and services they are interested in.

The first and most important tip before you create videos for uploading are that you should not be tempted into anything other than sticking to a 4/3 aspect ratio while recreating them. It’s the safest and don’t allow temptation of any kind ruin your efforts by going for another dimension or version.

If you want to optimize videos on your own website it is suggested that the webmasters make a separate search optimized html page for every fresh video that he uploads on the website. Plus ensure that information about such pages reaches the social networks by way of a mention or post. Webmasters should also include description for each video and should link it to his YouTube page with an appropriate anchor text.

Coming to the next step, when you post videos on to You Tube keep the following points in mind:

You can stick to and follow the same research that you did for your website as far as keywords for optimizing You Tube videos are concerned. Just make sure they are long tail keywords and appear in the beginning of title tag. Along with title tag and keywords in them description tag also happens to be very important and you have to make sure that the description appears exactly as you want it to show to your potential clients or target audience. Content in description box is also used by spiders for ranking your video so make sure you do not take it lightly. Video tags should also contain your main keywords. Another factor is the video sitemap; which is also considered very important for boosting your ranking in search engines.